Thursday, June 26, 2014

We Need A Running Channel

I don't watch much television. OK, I don't watch any, because we have neither cable, satellite, nor local channels in our home. Just Netflix. But I guarantee you I would watch the heck out of a  channel dedicated to running. I would even be willing to pay for channels I neither need nor want, just to get The Running Channel. Which would make the husband happy, because it would probably come in the same package as all thirty ESPN channels and the College Football Network.

This occurred to me today as I got excited for iRunFar's live coverage of Western States this weekend. Yes, I'm this excited about following via Twitter a race happening over a thousand miles away. It's the sole reason I joined Twitter. And it works pretty well for this sort of coverage. But how much more exciting--and inspiring--would it be to see it all on TV?

Imagine: A race you can't make it to? An event you've always wanted to run? Or one you're planning to run next year? Well, finish up your Saturday long-run, pull on your recovery compression socks, prop up your feet, and grab the remote. Prepare to be motivated. Bonus: Course reconnaissance from the comfort of your couch.

The great thing about running is its variety and ubiquity. The Running Channel wouldn't just be an Ultrarunning Channel, or a Track and Field Channel. It would cover all sorts of events, from the obscure to the prominent, in all kinds of places. And it would feature mid-packers and ordinary, inspiring humans as well as elite leaders.

Someone please make this happen!

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