Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Five: El Paso Running Weirdness

I grew up in a part of Texas that sees regular precipitation (usually), and therefore maintains a certain amount of humidity and boasts abundant vegetation. We lived briefly in Georgia, and the same can be said of the climate there. So, running in El Paso is a different experience.

The Five Strangest Things About Running in El Paso

1. Crunching dirt curls instead if leaves in the fall. Man, I miss leaves.

2. Sweat evaporates. Instantly. It's great--I can go to the grocery store after I run without changing. But that salt residue can be embarrassing.

3. There is almost no grass whatsoever to run on. There's also no grass in anyone's yard.

4. Tacos after races are a thing. Sometimes taco trucks. Taco-less locales are seriously missing out.

5. The wildlife: other places, you might see a bunny or a deer on your morning run. Here, I regularly see coyotes, quail, and enormous jackrabbits, along with the occasional rattlesnake, non-rattle-snake, tarantula, and escaped chihuahua.

This picture gives me the creeps. But I took it.
And this one.
Despite the weird, and minus the creepy wildlife, I've loved being a transplant to El Paso!