Monday, March 3, 2014

Celebrating (Over) Halfway!

I was going to post last week, when I was 20 weeks, which is officially halfway through the pregnancy.

But last week was super busy, so I waited. And it feels a little more real this week: most first-time moms stay pregnant past their due dates, but the vast majority of doctors will induce on or before 42 weeks. So at 21 weeks, I am for real at least halfway there!

And I know. Nineteen (or as many as twenty-one) more weeks is still a long time. And I probably have the most uncomfortable weeks ahead of me. But right now, I'm choosing to feel grateful: for a healthy baby, for feeling good in general, and for still being able to run.

I wasn't sure how running would feel at this point, so I was cautious with my expectations. I'm happy to be able to say, despite some tiredness, I still feel great! I went for a 7 miler on Saturday in preparation for an upcoming trail race I'll hopefully be running, and I was pleasantly surprised to not feel much slower or much more tired afterward than pre-pregnancy.  So I'm planning to run an 8K this weekend, and the 7 mile Jackrabbit Trail Run on the west side of the Franklin Mountains the following weekend. I can't wait!

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