Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Five: The Running Expectant Mom Gift Guide

When you're pregnant, everyone wants to give the baby gifts. Which is awesome: what is cuter than baby stuff? But if you know a runner who is expecting and want to pamper her, here are some things I have loved so far during my pregnancy.

1. A Foam Roller. I had heard people sing the praises of the foam roller for years without being convinced. But when I started having sacroiliac joint pain and a friend loaned me one, I learned they are the real deal. Rolling on this thing has helped me feel so much better!

2. Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt. After reading reviews of several different belts, I settled on this one because it had the best reviews, seemed to be most popular with runners, and because it had multiple places to adjust it. I've only run in it once (review to come soon!), but I thought it did what it was supposed to do: support the belly and lift it up off my bladder. Some reviewers even claimed it helps prevent stretch marks when worn all the time, not just for exercise, in the third trimester. We will see when I get there!

3. Maternity Running Wear. I still fit in many of my normal running tops, so I haven't been able to justify buying any pregnancy-specific running clothes. But if/when I do, it will probably be something like this cute "Running for Two" top.

4. Hydration Pack or Hand-Held Bottle. I drink tons of water now. So much water. And I don't like to run farther than three or four miles without having water with me. I'm partial to my Nathan race vest, but bottles with comfy handles are a great option too.

5. Body Glide. A growing belly means chafing in new places. Trust me.

Bonus gift idea: A gift card for prenatal massages or a prenatal yoga class membership. Haven't done the massage yet, but I plan to. (What season of life has a better excuse for massages than pregnancy? None). Prenatal yoga was the most relaxing workout I think I've ever experienced, and I wish it was every night instead of once a week.

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