Monday, July 14, 2014

Due Date

Dear Baby Girl,

Today is the day you are due to arrive! And we would so love to meet you.

I think I'm done running until you get here. For one thing: knee pain. It kind of snuck up on me. I had noticed that it hurt to kneel, but I hadn't noticed the knot developing below my patella until a few nights ago. I want to give it a chance to heal before throwing myself headlong back into speed work and long runs like I know I will want to once you have joined us.

Another reason: you are sitting so low now that my bladder has no room at all. I love it because it means you're preparing to make your arrival, and because my lungs have more space to expand, but it just doesn't work for running. Sometimes not even for walking.

We have your running stroller ready--did you think you wouldn't be a running baby from the very beginning? Not a chance! Expect to spend plenty of time on the move. We are already planning your first 5k this fall.

I know you're content to hang out for a while longer, happily kicking and packing on the pounds, but we are ready to hold you in our arms. Our hospital doesn't want to let you go past 41 weeks, so we will see you soon. And we can't wait!


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