Monday, June 2, 2014

A Four-Mile Long Run

The post title makes me laugh, but with joy. Five weeks ago, I ran four miles and spent the rest of the day (and the next) with the worst round ligament pain I've yet experienced. I hobbled around, and even standing for long enough to cook dinner felt uncomfortable. Since then, I had limited my runs to two or three miles, thinking anything longer was off the table until after the baby arrives.

That is, until today.

Despite the fact that current El Paso temps are hitting 104 and higher in the afternoons, this morning was cool (cool becomes a relative term in Texas in the summer), and I felt great heading out for a three-miler. Halfway through, I started to consider going for four, and decided to give it a try. If I felt bad, I could always stop.

But I didn't feel bad, and several hours later, I still don't. I have about the same level of round ligament pain I've been having: some discomfort, but not enough to keep me on the couch. I'm so happy! Even though it takes me a few tries to get up from a sitting position sometimes, and I often get winded walking up stairs, it's nice to know I can still run four miles. I can't wait until my long runs are actually long runs again, but right now, I'll take it!

Today I planned to start washing everything in the nursery: cloth diapers, clothes, blankets, tiny towels and washcloths. I still plan to, but I'm really wishing that nesting urge everyone talks about would hit me so that it sounds fun. Or at least urgent. With six weeks to go, it feels so close, yet still so far away. Tomorrow is our birthing class; maybe that will make it feel more urgent!

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