Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Five: Pregnancy Cravings

People keep asking if I've had any cravings yet. And the answer is...sort of, I guess.

Before I was pregnant, I thought a pregnancy craving was a sudden, urgent need to eat a strange combination of foods. Like pickles and ice cream. Maybe it is that way for some, but for me, so far, it's been things that I just want to eat more often than normal.

1. Pizza. I've talked myself out of ordering delivery almost every night this week. I'm not telling my craving no, I'm just holding out as long as possible. I know I'll give in eventually, and it will be delicious. (Also I've been holding out for a day that I go for a longish run, because sometimes cinnamon sticks find their way into my order. I have no idea how this happens).

2. Cheeseburgers. If I'm driving home from church or anywhere, really, and I'm hungry, it's almost always for cheeseburgers. Mmmmm, cheeseburgers.
Which reminds me of this:

Oh, Veggie Tales. You take me back.

3. Quiche. Finally, a more healthy craving. A friend recently had me over for quiche and  sent me home with two slices. I ate them both for dinner and I have no regrets. And then I had to make one for myself because I just wanted more.

4. Bagels with cream cheese. We live near a bagel shop. Specifically, one of El Paso's The Bagel Shop locations. Their bagels are perfect. And they have so many bagel varieties! Before the pregnancy, bagels were a weekend treat. Now I keep them in my fridge and try not to eat them every single day.

5. Whatever my neighbors are grilling. Seriously neighbors: hungry pregnant lady nearby! Please invite me to your house to eat whatever smells so delicious when I'm walking my dogs in the evenings. I'll even bring dessert!

I noticed none of my cravings are for sweets--odd, since non-pregnant me has not one sweet tooth, but a mouthful of sweet teeth. Pregnancy is weird.

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