Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Five: #TrailRunnerProblems

Writing this post made me aware of just how much the Internet needs a sarcasm font, or an I'm-just-joking, this-is-not-completely-serious font. Because: you can't hear my tone of voice over the Internet. AND this is not a whiny post. If that font existed, you wouldn't be reading this long pre-explanation.
This is a list of things I catch myself complaining about instead of counting my blessings. Blessings like the fact that I can afford trail shoes. And that I'm running on a trail in the beautiful outdoors. And the basic fact that I can run. So these are "problems" that, from this point of view, aren't really problems at all, but indicators that life is good.

1. "I want to look at the scenery, but I have to look at the ground or I'll trip."
2. "My trail shoes are my favorite shoes, but I don't want to wear them on the road because they're for trails."
3. "The sun is too bright and I can't tell what song is playing on my iPhone."
4. "This trail isn't wide enough to run side-by-side, so I have to run behind my friend and we can't have a conversation."
5. "Too many races are measured in kilometers instead of miles, and anything higher than 10k means I have to do math."

(And I don't usually hashtag. That hashtag in the title is probably the only one you'll ever see on this blog. Except for the ones in this paragraph. (This is a hashtag in case you weren't sure: #). I'm on Twitter, something I, at one point, probably said I would never join. And as of now, I don't tweet--I signed up to watch iRunFar live-tweet Leadville. Rambling. Anyway, if you search #TrailRunnerProblems on Twitter, the posts are entertaining).

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