Monday, April 2, 2012

Welcome to My Blog!

A Little About Me

Hi! I’m Dana. I run.

It feels like running has always been in my life, but lately I have been dreaming of running further. So that’s the reason for the blog—I plan to document the journey to my first 50k and beyond. Along the way, I’ll review some of my favorite gear and some of my favorite places to run, among other things.

I am an Army wife, currently a desert-dweller by Army mandate rather than choice. We live in El Paso, Texas, and I have come to love it here more than I ever thought possible. Why? Well, despite the sand storms, heat, and notable lack of precipitation and vegetation, I have come to appreciate its rugged beauty. El Paso is home to the largest urban park in the nation: the Franklin MountainsState Park. The Franklin Mountains bisect the city, rising to over 5,000 feet in elevation, and nearly the entire range is a state park where, for a small fee, you can hike, run, mountain bike, or climb. Or all of the above. Nearby are Hueco Tanks State Historic Site and some beautiful National Forest in New Mexico (where there are trees—imagine that!).

The Goal

My current goal is to complete the Jemez Mountain 50k in Los Alamos, New Mexico, on May 19. Just to finish—I’m not shooting for a particular time. I will not have set foot on the course until the week before the race, and while I am able to train on rugged trails here in El Paso, I am not able to train at the same altitude, and I know the effects of running at a higher altitude will likely slow me down.

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