Friday, April 27, 2012

North Franklin: An Unplanned Summit

I went trail-running again yesterday morning, at North Hills. We don't get many cloudy days in El Paso, but yesterday was one of them, and it stayed cooler far longer than it has in recent mornings. So I took full advantage, by going further than I had initially intended--all the way to the top of North Franklin Mountain, the highest peak in the Franklin Mountains.

The top is always further away than it looks...

East El Paso from a little below the summit.

Summit view of Northeast El Paso

The Franklin Mountains stretching away to the north.
Desert vegetation in bloom!

 The run (and hike...and climb...) to the top took nearly two hours, and the run back down only took a little over an hour. Sections near the summit were so steep, while running down I was terrified I was going to fall. I have improved at controlling my downhill speed, and with close attention and a great deal of prayer, I managed to not fall. Near the top, that is.

Only ten minutes from the parking lot, I took what I imagine to be a spectacular fall. The ground had leveled out, so I was not paying as much attention. And I was tired. I didn't notice I had tripped until I was on my stomach with bloody knees and elbows and several bruises.

I didn't encounter anyone else during those last ten minutes, so I didn't have to explain why my knees and elbow were dripping blood. It crossed my mind to say something hilarious if I did, like "Run! The zombies are attacking!"

So, it's probably a good thing I was the only one on the trail.


  1. These are SO good Dana!!! I just read all of them-you are so inspiring.
    And please if you ever fall again (which I hope you don't) yell "Run, the zombies are attacking!" haha! So proud of you!!

    1. Thanks! That means so much! And I definitely will, if I ever fall again. Would be hilarious!