Monday, April 9, 2012

Escape from El Paso

Most of the time, I love our home in the desert. But sometimes I find myself craving a visit to a place with tall trees and abundant vegetation.

This past weekend, my good friend Rebecca and I went camping in the Lincoln National Forest near Cloudcroft, NM. Even having seen this area before, I couldn't help but be astounded all over again that this place exists only two hours away from El Paso!

Bluff Springs Recreation Area   Image Credit: US Forest Service

There are several hiking trails in this area, and while I did not do any running on this trip, I plan to return soon for a long trail run. Although it was a short trip, it was so refreshing to relax by a campfire and soak in the beauty of the tree-covered mountains all around.

A minor downside: the state of my feet when I arrived home.

I don't think my feet had been this dirty in a long, long time. The dirt of the trails permeates shoes and socks more easily than the desert sand, and I didn't know that was possible. But the trip was well worth the grime!

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